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About us - Knowledge Factory

A network of science parks tailored to the UK innovation sector


Across our parks we offer facilities from small flexible laboratories to pharmaceutical grade manufacturing, and everything in between.


A flexible, knowledgeable and supportive landlord



We empathise with the challenges that businesses go through. Not only start-ups, but growing SMEs and multi-nationals. Our team has years of experience and we’re applying that experience to support our occupiers.

This means we provide practical support so you can focus on achieving your goals.  Regardless of the size of your business, we aim to take the hassle out of real estate. For SMEs, we also provide access to investment across the spectrum, from connecting you to seed capital to providing growth funding when you need it.

Successful growth on our sites means new jobs are created and talented apprentices, university graduates and professionals are given new opportunities, helping to bring more inward investment to the area and supporting the wider community.


Our three strategic aims

Fostering collaboration

Fostering collaboration

We facilitate success. We do this by providing the support and connections that businesses on our sites need to innovate. Our Pioneer Society organises and hosts regular meetings and events ranging from coffee mornings, consultations and workshops, to anything in-between, which are then shared across our community via multiple media.

We challenge you to collaborate with your like-minded neighbours or use our platform to find partners across the country.

Taking the hassle out of real estate

Taking the hassle out of real estate

First and foremost we recognise a 'one size fits all' approach does not always apply. This feeds through to everything we do from providing safety glasses and ensuring the safe disposal of chemicals to using the latest technology that enables you book meeting rooms online and everything in between.

We never rest on our laurels and are always looking for ways to improve our sites. For example in the last two years we've invested more than £8 million in new collaboration facilities, energy efficiency initiatives and infrastructure across our sites.

Assisting business growth

Assisting business growth

We empathise with how hard it can be to secure business investment, which is why we help at both ends of the investment spectrum. We assist in navigating the grants process, and connecting start-ups with seed capital, and when you're ready we can also offer growth capital to help you achieve your potential.

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Who’s behind Knowledge Factory?

Knowledge Factory is a joint venture between two leading firms. Trinity provides the brawn, including some personal investment, and is supported by Harrison Street. As owners, we continually strive for improvement in a sector that we truly understand.

Who we work with

We work with universities to deliver an environment conducive to collaboration between business and academia. The benefits are symbiotic for all parties; not only does a close relationship provide collaboration opportunities, but it also offers access to a talented workforce. This helps businesses to recruit to meet their growth ambitions and also has wider benefits for universities, clearly demonstrating their support for graduates to make the leap into industry, and making the university an attractive proposition for prospective students when choosing a place to study.

Below are the universities we currently partner with. We're always proactively developing our academic network and adding new universities.