Christmas Fundraising at the Wilton Centre

Christmas Fundraising at the Wilton Centre - Knowledge Factory

The Wilton Centre will be fundraising for various charities during the festive period!

Presents Around the Tree

Wrap a present for a child and leave it under the tree.
Presents should consist of

    • Games
    • Books
    • Toys (NOT perishables)

Please label the present with the approximate age and gender of the child it is suitable for. All presents will be donated to EVA Women’s Refuge in Redcar.

Shoe Box Appeal for the Homeless

The below items that can be included in your shoe box gift:

    • Hat, scarf, gloves, socks
    • Toiletries – soap, shower gel, shampoo, deodorant, wipes,
    • toothbrushes, toothpaste – NO razors
    • Brush, comb
    • Lip balm
    • Tissues
    • Female sanitary items
    • Long-life snack bars
    • Christmas Card

These will be distributed to various groups who will be providing Christmas lunches to the homeless and vulnerable people across Teesside.
Please place all donations under the Christmas Tree in Wilton Centre Restaurant. The last day for all donations to our charities is Friday 13th December.

Footprints in the Community

Come visit our Redcar Area Foodbank shop in the restaurant throughout December
We will have stock of the below items and all we are asking is for a donation of £1 and your item goes direct to the foodbank:

    • Long life fruit juice or squash
    • Long life milk
    • Coffee
    • Instant mash
    • Tinned fruit
    • Tinned fish
    • Sweet treats…sweets, biscuits, Christmas treats
    • Toilet rolls

All other donations are of course still welcome.