Swale Business Awards Launch Event

Swale Business Awards Launch Event 24 March 2020 - Knowledge Factory

Swale Business Awards Launch Event 24 March 2020

Unbelievably, we are once again looking at the Swale Business Awards for 2020. An entire year has gone by and here we are again – where does the time go? KSP is one of the major sponsors of the event and we are delighted that the first event for 2020 is being hosted here, starting at 16:30pm on 24th March.

Last year saw success from the Park with 3 entries making it through to the final and attending the event. If you can come to the launch event, we will be pleased to see you there and even more pleased if you enter your company or business into this year’s awards. Come along with plenty of questions for the event and enthusiasm and let’s have all categories entered from KSP!

If anyone wishes to attend please find full details on the launch event here:


Please do ensure you book your free tickets using the link above so that we can monitor attendee numbers.